Trees provide us with food, shelter, shade and fuel but also possess a natural beauty of form. This is not only true for a single tree but also for woodlands and tree-filled landscapes as well as for the individual elements that make up a tree – its fruit, seeds, buds, flowers, leaves and bark.

Autumn trees, sunlight on leaves, dark sky, mountains
Misty Woodland (04650)
Alone in the Snow - solitary tree, snow, sky

Limited Edition Prints and Artworks

Working from high resolution digital photographic images I produce limited edition mixed media artworks and fine art "painterly" prints using highly textured watercolour papers.

My aim is to create artworks and prints that will evoke the same feeling in the observer that I experienced in the "wild".

A comment frequently heard from visitors to my exhibitions is......

"Surely that's not a photograph!"

Visitors at tree photography exhibition
Stumpy Oak above Talgarth-Edit.jpg
Wall art exhibition of tree photography
Tree photography wall art