The Pwllpriddog Oak - New Artwork

Standing in a hedgerow just outside the quiet village of Rhandirmwyn in Carmarthenshire, the Pwllpriddog Oak is a giant, with a girth of some 8.4 metres. Some have estimated it to be 600-700 years old, while local historians believe it was planted to commemorate the Battle of Bosworth.

It is reputed to have been the hiding place of a king; the local pub is known as the Royal Oak, after all. The tree is hollow, and there are a number of YouTube clips of bands and choirs singing inside it.

It is understood that many years ago it was used as a meeting place for local lovers. Over the years it has been used as a pig sty and is now being used by ducks who roost and hatch in its branches.

In 2018 the tree was named Welsh Tree of the Year in a public vote – I was lucky enough to be commissioned to photograph all the finalists in this competition by the organisers - The Woodland Trust.

“Inside the Pwllpriddog Oak” is now available as a limited edition print in my Art Shop