Plas Power Woods - Lanterns, Storytelling and Fire!!

Last Sunday I was commissioned to "shoot" an enchanting event at Plas Power Woods organised by The Woodland Trust near Wrexham.  After sunset the woods were illuminated with candles, coloured lights, fairy lanterns, the glow from a firepit.  Family groups were led by a lone flute player along twinkling woodland footpaths to hear wonderful tales by lantern light and to toast marshmallows over a fire...  

Click on an image for a full screen view....


On a desolate mountain somewhere near Machynlleth.....

Another shoot for the Woodland Trust took me to a desolate mountainside that is due for "re-wilding"  - it's off to a good start!


The Banyans of Seville

I've just returned from a long weekend in Seville. This is a beautiful city with wonderful buildings, parks, restaurants, bars and orange trees.  But did you know about the Banyans?  Many of the city squares and parks have a Banyan Tree or two - the Ficus Macrophylla (aka Moreton Bay Fig or Australian Banyan).


A walk through Coed Cefn on a sunny winter's day.

Coed Cefn is a Woodland Trust woodland up in the hills above Crickhowell in the Black Mountains of Wales.  Oak, Beech, Sycamore, Sweet Chestnut....  I'll let the images say the rest!


Gathering Winter Fuel - Log Piles

So many textures, shapes, highlights, shadows......  a visual treat!

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Trees above Talgarth

There is a low ridge opposite my studio in the Black Mountains of Wales where I can see a number of beautiful trees every day.

I regularly walk amongst these trees hoping to catch the light.

Here is a selection.......


Autumn in the Olchon Valley

Here are some autumn images from the Olchon Valley on the border between Herefordshire and the Black Mountains in Wales. 

This valley was used as the setting for Owen Sheers' debut novel, Resistance (Faber and Faber, 2007), where,  in an imagined 1944 in which Russia fell and the D-day landings were unsuccessful half of Britain is occupied. In the isolated Olchon Valley, a group of farm women, abandoned by their husbands and sons, are forced to endure winter alongside the occupying force. 

This image, taken from the foot of Black Hill, won the Photographer of the Year award at the Spring Greens Fair where I called it....

A field, some trees and a mountain


Autumn at Glanusk

Spent a wonderful autumn morning shooting trees on the Glanusk Estate today....