Above the Fog

Sunday 1st November 2015 - Above the fog on Rhos Fawr Common, Black Mountains, Wales.

A beautiful birch tree in its autumn colours and a "Fog Bow"....


A "Fog Bow" is formed the same way as a rainbow - by diffraction of the sun's rays through water droplets - but because the droplets are much smaller in fog the overall effect is mostly white.


More Thorn!

And here are some more Thorn trees spotted on a walk in The Black Mountains yesterday - this time below Mynydd Bychan in Cwm Y Nant which feeds the River Ennig.


The Hanley Swan Oak

Hanley Swan is a village just a few miles from Upton Upon Severn (see previous post) so on the way home from the Upton Blues Festival  I went to see the Hanley Swan Oak.

"The large oak on the village green was planted in 1863 to commemorate the marriage of the Prince of Wales, the future Edward VII, to Princess Alexandra of Denmark.  According to village legend, it made little progress in its early years until one day a circus was held on the green and an elephant bit the top off the tree.  After that it flourished.  Over the years it has grown into a majestic oak, with a branch occasionally dropping from the exposed western side.  In July 2005 a major branch fell off, followed shortly by second from a spot almost immediately above the first (see photo), almost completely destroying the bench sited beneath it." (More here..)