The Pwllpriddog Oak - New Artwork

Standing in a hedgerow just outside the quiet village of Rhandirmwyn in Carmarthenshire, the Pwllpriddog Oak is a giant, with a girth of some 8.4 metres. Some have estimated it to be 600-700 years old, while local historians believe it was planted to commemorate the Battle of Bosworth.

It is reputed to have been the hiding place of a king; the local pub is known as the Royal Oak, after all. The tree is hollow, and there are a number of YouTube clips of bands and choirs singing inside it.

It is understood that many years ago it was used as a meeting place for local lovers. Over the years it has been used as a pig sty and is now being used by ducks who roost and hatch in its branches.

In 2018 the tree was named Welsh Tree of the Year in a public vote – I was lucky enough to be commissioned to photograph all the finalists in this competition by the organisers - The Woodland Trust.

“Inside the Pwllpriddog Oak” is now available as a limited edition print in my Art Shop


Winter Oaks

I believe oak trees are at their most spectacular in winter when they display their sculptural beauty.

Here are two examples growing on the Severn Plain below the Malvern Hills which are my new home.


The Hanley Swan Oak

Hanley Swan is a village just a few miles from Upton Upon Severn (see previous post) so on the way home from the Upton Blues Festival  I went to see the Hanley Swan Oak.

"The large oak on the village green was planted in 1863 to commemorate the marriage of the Prince of Wales, the future Edward VII, to Princess Alexandra of Denmark.  According to village legend, it made little progress in its early years until one day a circus was held on the green and an elephant bit the top off the tree.  After that it flourished.  Over the years it has grown into a majestic oak, with a branch occasionally dropping from the exposed western side.  In July 2005 a major branch fell off, followed shortly by second from a spot almost immediately above the first (see photo), almost completely destroying the bench sited beneath it." (More here..)


The Magical Land of Glanusk

I'm delighted to be involved with another book project - this time in collaboration with others. Entitled "The Magical Land of Glanusk" it is based on the Glanusk Estate with its wonderful collection of old trees and will include photography, artwork and writings from a variety of "creatives". 

You will not be surprised to hear that I am concentrating on the trees!!