Kensington Gardens Treescapes #2

Kensington Gardens

I was in London a few years ago attending a Royal Photographic Society Conference and stayed overnight in a Bayswater hotel.  The next morning, a Sunday, I went for a walk along the Bayswater Road to look at the artists exhibiting their works - not quite the "buzz" that it was in the 60's - but still busy with some nice work on show.  Eventually I turned into Kensinghton Gardens - a park I have known and loved since early childhood - and was immediatley struck by the beauty of the many old trees.  Now, I must have seen these trees hundreds of times before, but maybe because my head was in "art mode" and also because I had become mildly obsessed with photographing trees in the wilds of The Brecon Beacons I wondered whether anybody had photographed these fine specimens in the middle of London.

Back in my studio a few days later I "googled"  to find that there was virtually nothing on the subject and the idea first entered my head of publishing a book of photographs of these wonderful trees.

It's a good job I like a challenge as I will try to explain in this series of blogs!