A Winter Walk

A fine walk up The Dragon's Back along the ridge in cloud and down across Rhos Fawr Common.

I just love The Black Mountains in any weather!

Some challenging natural events too...

A pronounced temperature inversion near the summits caused a blanket of cloud with localised violent winds altough it was flat calm everywhere else!  There was at least a 4°C temp variation in 200ft near the tops.

From my studio I could see there was some patchy snow lying on the slopes and I debated whether or not to take my crampons with me - I'm glad I did!  Not only was there knee-high snow on the tops (for which I should have taken snow-shoes) but after several days of sun and freezing overnight temperatures, the upper slopes were covered in ice.  I would never have managed to take the picture of the "Tenacious Thorn" (Tree of the Day #53) without them as it involved climbing up a wall of ice to the ledge!  With crampons - no problem - I felt like Spider Man!

Here are a few photographs from the walk...