I have developed this method of presenting my photography in order to emphasise both the quality of the print and the texture of the fine art paper on which it is printed. 

I wanted to develop a style of presentation that made the print literally "stand out", so I bond the print onto a rigid black foamboard to make what I call a "Fine Art Paper Tile" and then mount this onto a stretched canvas frame.  I coat the tiles with an invisible matt varnish to provide long-lasting protection to this "open" style of presentation. This makes a bold statement and has the merit of being rigid and lightweight making it easy to hang.

For small works I use a single "tile" for the whole image, whereas for larger works I split the image into several "tiles".  I was inspired to use this tiling technique by none other than David Hockney who paints his large scale landscapes on multiple canvasses. 

Each work is personally signed and comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity.