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THIS BEAUTIFUL collection of photographs captures the changing moods of the tree-lined avenues and vistas of Kensington Gardens.There are over 4000 trees in the 240 acres of Kensington Gardens including many fine old specimens. Set in the heart of London the Gardens provide a peaceful, green, ‘biodiversity-rich’ oasis.

At  any given time of day and year you will see sunlight setting leaves aglow;  branches forming intricate shadows on the grass; huge natural “sculptures” of tree trunks in winter; tiny, delicate flowers hidden amongst the leaves; hues of red, green and yellow set against a blue sky; myriads of catkins, acorns and buds  -  to mention just a few of the visual treats that the trees offer the observant visitor.

Meticulously designed to display the photographs to their best advantage the plates are punctuated with occasional historical anecdotes, tree facts and poems penned by the author but, mostly, the pictures are left to speak for themselves. This book is for anyone who loves trees, London or photography and, of course, Kensington Gardens.

Sunday Morning in Kensington Gardens

Sunday morning, a break from life’s toil,
Slow down the pace, simmer down from the boil.
Down the Bayswater Road to look at the art
into Kensington Gardens, a whole world apart.
Along The Broad Walk to join the parade
with the world and his wife, master and maid.
Past Kensington Palace, old home of the crown,
through acres of trees in the middle of town.
Around the Round Pond where the yachts set their sails
in miniature races with ducks on their tails.
Now the deckchair attendant has taken his pay
the world and its worries can fly far away.


"Mark Zytynski's new book Kensington Gardens Treescapes is a breathtaking collection of photographs that beautifully illustrates how gorgeous the gardens are throughout every season.  Kensington Gardens is a photographer's dream with its tree-lined paths and amazing panoramic views."

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"Continuing to enjoy ' Kensington Gardens Treescapes' ! It's a firm favourite on our coffee table and is frequently picked up and admired. Interesting, informative and beautifully photographed, Mark's love of trees and his ability to capture them at their very best is a joy to see." Alyson

"In the blurb on the front cover it says that this book is for anyone who loves trees, London or photography…so as photography is a hobby of mine and having spent loads of time trying to capture the beauty and grandeur of the trees in the countryside where I live, I guessed that as I scored two out of three, that was enough to make this book interesting to me. It’s not that I dislike London, but as just a day-tripper, I don’t know much about it! So in fact, I enjoyed learning something about Kensington gardens from this book too. For a start, I had no idea how big the gardens are or how many fine old tree specimens there are in them. The maps in the book help you see the trees in context and I shall definitely make a point of visiting Kensington Gardens on my next daytrip to the capital!
The photos are lovely - Mark has such a knack for capturing the beauty of trees - and there is just the right amount of text for this type of picture book – if there’s too much I’m afraid I skip the text to look at the pictures! Mark includes one or two poems, a bit of history of the gardens and some interesting tree facts... just right!
At the back of the book is a really great bonus for photographers – Mark shares with us the date, shutter-speed, aperture, ISO and focal length for every photograph."  Mrs J M Lewis

"What a beautiful book! Bought this for a friend who loves trees and they were delighted. Some lovely pictures of Kensington Gardens, but what blew us away was the beautiful tree portraits - Mark has really captured them well and they are displayed wonderfully. Who knew there were such lovely views in Central London! I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who loves photography or trees! There are also some fab hand drawn maps amongst the wonderful photos."  Misia Kibble

"I have a copy of this book and would like to recommend it to you. It is all about the trees in Kensington Gardens, showing them in beautiful photographs, taken in all seasons and with trees in every stage of their lives. Not only are there excellent photographs, but also maps showing where they are to be found in the gardens, plus detailed information in the back of the book for the photographer and those wanting more detailed information about the trees. All well organised.  The quality of printing, paper, colours etc. are all top notch.  If you like this sort of book make sure you take a look, especially if you're likely to visit Kensington Gardens. In fact it makes a good reason to go and explore anyway, I did !"  Robert